xrcd2 Fim发烧大提琴oh! that cello

xrcd2 Fim发烧大提琴oh! that cello专辑介绍《Oh!That Cello》
演绎:Teresa Perez
出品: 一听钟情

Fim 推出的每一张录音定必珍而藏之,最近在Leo主编的杂志为文缴赞他们的新结他天碟 《Flamenco Passion》之时,猛然发现之前所推出的一张《Oh!That Cello》还未欣赏过半点,更甚连包装袋也未拆,细心聆听一遍,在惊叹音效靓绝之馀,也怪自己差点走了宝。本碟在著名的Skywalker Sound录制,于是急急赶到好友家中,以近期的喇叭新贵 TAD的 TSM 300喇叭,由头再试听一次(皆因 Skywalker 的录音室正是采用TSM300作监听)。啊!这个录音认真不得了,若我硬要把本碟的每一个发烧元素详细论述的话,恐怕写一千字也不够,但当然不能以‘天碟’二字作草草收笔。

全碟十一首轻松小品相信是 Fim 的脑马先生的细意挑选,连《夜来香》也纳入其中,可说是中西经黄荟萃了,对我们来说大部份曲目也非常熟悉,但马兄仍请来看青作曲家Tim Jamis为每首歌重新编曲,令在家有耳目一新的感觉。
本碟依旧由马兄的老拍档兼著名录音师 Paul Stubblebine 亲自泡制。然后再把母带交到日本的JVC 总部,以XRCD2重新处理,结果大提琴的音色与结像靓到无懈可击,就连伴奏的乐器如笛子、双簧管、、小提琴及敲击乐器也有真实无论的音色和质感,同类录音达如此音效的百中无一。

评分:9.8 内容:9.6 演译:9.8 录音:9.9

级数:天碟 ★★★★★

《Oh!That Cello》是有”一听钟情”(FIM)掌门人马濬先生亲自监制的一张抒情爵士,由美国著名大提琴手TeresaPerez执弓,著名录音师Paul Stubblebin在”SkyWalker”天行者录音室一手炮制(正是这间录音室制作了获奥斯卡最佳音响奖的《星球大战》及《泰坦尼克号》电影声轨),音质几近无暇。

Title: Oh! That cello
Label: FIM
Regular Price : $34.95
Format: CD ()
Artist: Teresa Perez

Description: The cello is one of the most beautiful instruments that fascinates many music lovers and audiophiles alike. If it is supported by a small, but exquisite ensemble in romantic arrangement and well recorded, then the album can become a favorite for long time listening. This is our aspiration for this recording. We have great pleasure to have Teresa Perez to be our soloist. In fact, this is her second album in my production. The first one is the highly successful “Crossover Cello” under the label Golden String. That album was rated one of “The Best New Recordings in January CES, 1994”. This time, we have also the honor to have the very talented composer, Tim Janis, to arrange the songs for us. His ingenuous interpretation brings about a new level of warmth and beauty to the songs we have meticulously chosen for you. Some parts of the ensemble were pre-recorded in multi-channels, but the soloists and the main parts of the arrangement were recorded in the world-famous Scoring Stage Studio of Skywalker Sound, USA. Paul Stubblebine, our recording and mastering engineer, mixed down the music into 1” 30 ips analogue tape using the modified ATR 100 with Tim de Paravicini all tube electronics for sonic excellence. Thanks should be extended to Dawn Treader, apart from his being involved in the production, kindly agreed to write about the music for the liner notes and to Bob Levy who rendered immense assistance in the mixing sessions at the Studio.
No. Contents Time
1 Shenandoah 4:19
2 Shepherds’ Hymn from ’s Symphony N0. 6 3:57
3 Night Fragrant Flower 6:08
4 Embraceable You 3:43
5 Rachmaninoffs 18th Variation “Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini 4:30
6 The Swan 4:24
7 Sicilienne 3:47
8 Water Is wide 5:55
9 Claire de Lune 4:14
10 Nocturne 4:42
11 Farewell 3:02

xrcd2 Fim发烧大提琴oh! that cello