XRCD特里·埃文斯-Puttin’ It Down

XRCD特里·埃文斯-Puttin' It Down专辑介绍:Terry Evans – Puttin’ It Down
Genre: Blues
Product No.: CJVC 014
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Format: CD

Terry Evans has Built a career providing back-up vocals to some of the biggest names in rock and roots music. Join Terry, Ry Cooder, and friends on Puttin’ It Down, a journey direct to the center of Terry Evans’ soul! “You won’t just be getting our Recording of the Month; you’ll be getting one for the ages.” – Stereophile.

Track Listings
1. In Your Pocket
2. Too Many Ups And Downs
3. Walking In The Same Tracks
4. Down In Mississippi
5. In This Day and Time
6. Rooftop Tomcat
7. A Lover Like You
8. One Sided Love Affair
9. Nasty Doll
10. Blues No More

XRCD特里·埃文斯-Puttin' It Down