北京 奥运会 闭幕式 英国 表演 评论刚刚Astana不知道在哪里看到这些,看来英国人对闭幕式时英国表演团队的表演意见很大的样子,不过反过来想,是他们太了解自己了,这就像给自己做简历,永远达不到自己要求的完美,呵呵,对这次北京奥运会,大多数人都是十分满意并表示很震撼很开心,不过总有些人会有相反的意见。同一个世界,同一个梦想,看看英国人对他们自己的这次短暂的Show有什么看法吧。


Oh my the Chinese will be a hard act to follow. What a shambles the British effort was, very embarrassing indeed. A double decker bus, beckham, an xfactor winner, a sweaty aging rock star, dancers with umbrellas throwng newspapers everywhere. I guess a good symbol of modern day Britain. I fear our efforts will always be second class to China. This might show new labour off for what they are and what they have done to our once great country

The dancing was a bit straggly in the ” London ” routine . After seeing all the cyclists taking part,the Chinese will think “Nobody can afford cars in London ”

The British “teaser” was ok, but we were disappointed to see the performer in the wheelchair was not in fact disabled but was leaping around later in the dance.
英国人还不赖,不过当我们发现那位坐轮椅的表演者根本不是残疾的时候–他在稍后的舞蹈中到处蹦达来着 — 好失望呀么好失望。

Did anyone else this the ‘London 8 minutes’ presentation was – dare I say it – rubbish!? Leona sang her heart out on top of a ladder, on top of a bus whilst 20 contemporary dancers did their stuff way below. It was just so low key relative to what had gone on before it.

But oh, our offering at the closing ceremony was embarrassing.A red bus,a pop singer, an ageing rocker and an overpaid ball kicker was awful. Where was our great Island heritage portrayed in all this flummery?
哦,我们在闭幕式上的表现真丢脸。一辆红吧是,一个流行歌手,一个摇滚老头,还有个我们付了太多薪水给他的踢球的家伙 — 这一切都太糟糕了。在这堆乱七八糟的糟粕里头,我们这个伟大岛屿的传承却无处可见。

Organisers – please do better for us in 2012.
组织者 — 行行好,好好干~在2012年给我们挣点脸

And why can’t Boris button his jacket? Too fat or bad tailoring?

I’ve just watched the Olympic closing ceremony, and as I feared, Britain’s contribution was embarassing and totally pathetic – I just hope they manage to do better in 2012. It will obviously be impossible to rival the spectacular pageant that Beijing provided, but I thought the dancing (if you can call that dancing) and the Leona Lewis/Jimmy Page effort was just pitiful. Hopefully, we can ditch all this government inspired ‘Cool Britannia’ garbage and present something a bit more slick and professional.

I agree that Adrian Childs was poor: he seemed to think that he was on the One Show.
The London Bus routine was pretty much rubbish … the music was poor and everything smacked of pop culture. Period.
The Games themselves were superbly run. The BBC was teetering on the brink of overblown nationalism, however.
我也觉得Adrian Childs很可怜,他看上去以为自己是在个人秀。。

I’m staying in Singapore and feel embarrassed to go to work tomorrow after that dreadful showing by London 2012

I live in Germany and, like the person from Singapore, will be ashamed to meet my friends tomorrow

Jimmy Page and David Beckham have been massive icons of British popular culture. I’m not especially a fan of either, but they perfectly suited to the ceremony.
Not bothered either way about Leona whatshername, but the chief embarrassment, reducing us instantly to laughing stock of the world and diminishing at a stroke the achievements of our athletes, was the presence of Boris Bloody Johnson!!! This man symbolizes everything wrong with Britain – a deeply untalented buffoon, with a thoroughly sinister interior. Get him off the stage once and for all.
Jimmy Page和贝壳都是英国流行文化的重大标志。我并不是他们的粉丝,但他们很适合这个演出。
那个叫Leona啥啥的演出我也不觉得糟(就是那个独唱的mm),但是最大的丢人之处,直接把我们埋汰成全世界的笑料并且抹杀了我们的运动员取得的成绩的,就是那个虾米Boris Johnson(伦敦那个混混市长)的出现!这家伙象征着英国所有糟糕的东西——一个完全没有天赋的小丑,内心丑恶。把他永远逐出舞台吧!

When I heard about the plans for the London presentation, including the “arrangement” of the national anthem and the rehashed 70s rock music, I thought “it can’t possibly be as bad as I’m imagining it”. Well, it wasn’t. It was a thousand, toe-curlingly hideous times worse. Against the dignity, seriousness and power of the Chinese displays, it was so far beyond embarrassing, my brain has already almost forgotten it, in a desperate paroxysm of self-defence.

omg, I hope our eight minutes during the closing ceremony is not a foretaste of the tackiness to come in four years time. ”
It felt a lot longer than eight minutes….. Every cringe and every gasp of horror made it feel like a lifetime!
If that is all we have to offer, lets hope the rest of the world has popped out down the pub when we take centre stage.
Our athletes deserve much better than this, they did us proud in Beijing (lets not forget the Paralympics too) and will continue to do so.

Mind you, from the wretched logo to the vacuous miming chick to David Bloody Beckham, it was all a perfect reflection of London and England as they now are: cheap, tatty, shallow, and above all laughing enormously at their own jokes while the rest of the world looks on with contempt. Perfect.
Now, 2012… where can I go to avoid it all? Please can I move to China?

I have been glued to the Olympics constantly and very proud of Team GB but my god what on earth was that 8 minute section in the closing ceremony.
The chinese put on a fantastic show and we have basically a red bus and a sparkler.
Who ever put this together should be sacked before we are embarressed anymore.
By the way BBC should be given a gold medal for the coverage, first class.

A beautifully organised Games all around, then Boris appears, jacket undone, looking like a drunk who gatecrashed the party, what an embarrassment

I have a Grandson living and working in Beijing and I only hope he stays under cover until the humilation dies down a little. It certainly will never go away.
In 8 mins we have become the laughing stock of the world.

I thought it was fine. Are we going to have to look forward to another four years of whingeing about the Olympics? If so, I’m glad I’m living in China.

—— Leona! Poor girls must be so nervous!
—— She sounds like a whale mating
I didn’t think it was possibly but this both sucks and blows.
Grow up London 2012 and stop trying to be so ‘cool’. This is embarrassing.
—— 利昂娜!可怜的姑娘们很紧张吧!
—— 她听起来像是只正在交配的鲸鱼
成熟点,London 2012,别那么装酷。真丢人

Funny how the Beijing Olympics had absolutely nothing to do with Beijing. They were all about China. But the London Olympics are apparently all about London.

Is anyone else finding this all a bit shabby after the chinese dancing etc

Why don’t my buses look like that?

The Chinese did it again the closing was amazing. First class and out of this world. The one negative was the London Show what in the heck was that. In Athens when the Chinese did there welccome to show it was amazing and you knew you where going to get something special in Beijing. I hope that London does better than what they showed to-day.

Replicate it, we don’t have a chance it hell. For one thing we’ll be lucky to find 1% of the volunteers from Beijing. Perhaps all the people claiming on benefits should be forced to volunteer !!!
Smith, London

Forget about the image of Myra Hindley. What about the image of some guy painting graffiti on a wall? What are we trying to say here? “Come to London, where criminal disfigurement of public property is welcomed and celebrated?!”
忘掉Myra Hindley的样子吧.看看那个一群人在墙上涂鸦的画面?我们到底想表现什么?来伦敦吧,这里毁坏公共财产的犯罪行为会受到欢迎.

Dont know what to laugh more at – the tacky 8 minutes of rubbish the UK put on in Beijing or the smug comments on here about how “At least we are free..” Last time I looked the UK was the most watched (CCTV) nation on earth and we have a government that has used fear and hate to strip us of freedoms on a daily basis. The only difference between the UK and China is that they wasted billions more than we can afford to- but Im sure we’ll waste as much as we can. But freedom?? Dont make me laugh!
Terry Roberts, Shropshire
不知道要嘲笑什么,在北京展示的英国垃圾8分钟还是这里自鸣得意的留言关于”至少我们是自由的”,最后一次我看到英国是地球上安装最多监视器 (CCTV英国沿街安装的监视系统,不是中央台哦)的国家,利用恐怖和仇恨来控制我们的日常自由,中国和英国之间唯一的区别是他们用掉了比我们的承受能力 还多的钱,但是我相信我们也会花费我们能用的每一分钱.但是自由,别让我笑了.

The Chinese people seem to love all things western (David Beckham included by the looks of it) but in return all we can do is bad mouth them and show no respect. What does that say about us.
There’s an old saying, treat people the same as how you would like to be treated.
Rob, London

Oops, I forgot about the fireworks. Weren’t they wonderful!
I was so impressed by how they managed to create the Olympic Rings in the sky – truly amazing.
Thank you China.
[cheesed-off], United Kingdom

In my time I’ve witnessed countless Royal Variety Performances and the opening ceremony of the Dome. This British fiasco was worse than any of them, and even at only eight minutes seemed interminable. No wonder London mayor Boris Johnson looked so uncomfortable beforehand. He must have known what was coming.
俺目睹过无数的盛大演出也看了DOME(这个不大明白)的开幕式,这回英国的演出可真是一场彻头彻尾的失败,比我看过的那些演出中的任何一次都更糟 糕,以至于演出虽然只有8分钟,都让人觉得冗长的无法忍受。怪不得伦敦市长包里斯囧孙在那之前看起来相当不爽– 他一准是早就知道了接下来就要丢脸了。

I have two tips for you, Boris. Keep your hands out of your pockets when attending high-profile events like this, and secondly fire whoever responsible for this fiasco and hire proper showbiz professionals – from Las Vegas if necessary – to handle the opening and closing ceremonies in 2012. Another toe-curling embarrassment like this would be unendurable.
波利斯(伦敦市长),俺有两个锦囊妙计贡献给你:一,在如此盛大高端的场合下,丫儿地把手从你那兜兜里掏出来;二,赶紧炒了那个端出英国8分钟这么一 锅垃圾的责任人,2012年英国办开幕式闭幕式的时候一定要雇些演艺圈里的专业人员–万不得已的时候从赌城拉斯维加斯找也成哪。咱谁也受不了到时候再来 那么一出让人囧的脚趾头都抽抽的尴尬演出!!

The closing ceremony was, as expected, spectacular and beautiful.

I have just finished watching the Closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. I must say that it was an incredible show from the beginning to the end. The whole event went on very smoothly. I agree with the IOC chairman that these games have opened China to the world and the world to China.

Thank you family of China. Thank you Beijing 2008.
We are all Children of the World and China have proved that to us.
All of the Olympians deserve credit for all the dedication and effort. It is the Greatest Show on Earth. With the best of the best. 2012 will be a great test for GB and as one Nation what a great challenge for us.

Well done China on a fantastic organisation of the games which was flawless and Team GB for their medal haul. Thank you China for putting the U.S into second place.
(注意看最后一句 –)

Well done, China! You have given the world a magnificent Olympics despite the efforts of the chattering classes in the Western media to portray you as some Stalinist state.

The female who hugged Yao Ming was Lauren Jackson, an Australia basketball player playing in WNBA. After Yao entered NBA, there was rumor she had a crush on Yao, but Yao turned her down. There were many gossip about them.
So, seeing them hugging at the closing ceremony really really made me laugh, because 4 years ago, at the closing ceremony of Athens Olympic, Yao and his girlfriend ‘Ye Li’ came out together and that was the first time their relationship went public
那个在闭幕式上拥抱姚明的女运动员是在WNBA打球的Lauren Jackson,当姚进入NBA打球时,他们曾经发生过一段绯闻,但是姚拒绝了她>_<看到他们在闭幕式上拥抱真是太好玩了,你知道四年前在 雅典的闭幕式上,姚和他的女朋友叶莉第一次手牵手出现在公众面前

What was that red bus /umbrella garbage all about? What an embarrassment for UK. It was not so much the pathetic handover performance that upset me, but the arrogant, rude and disgraceful behavior of London’s mayor Boris Johnson when attending the handover party in Bejing. Show some respect Mr BJ ! Beijing was a gracious host and deserves some praise at the handover.
Robert, Windsor
TMD红色巴士和垃圾雨伞到底是虾米啊??!!真是给英国丢脸啊。从来没有比这次可怜的交接仪式更雷到我的了。而那个伦敦市长Boris Johnson 在北京闭幕式的交接仪式上无知、粗鲁和毫无尊重的表现更是丢人。给北京一点尊重吧!北京是个热情和蔼的主人,在交接仪式上值得尊重!!

Production of Global sporting superstars at the 2008 Beijing Games is correct and will remain memorable. Yet, some of us tend to place focus on matters of less importance and one wonders what is their ulterior motives. All countries with high crime rates should learn from these recently concluded games, and note that it is of high importance to develop the youths sporting potential from a tender age, so that their high energy can be burnt in the right direction and not in criminal activities.
Hollis N Hosein, Trinidad and Tobago -WI

8 minutes of total rubbish , What the hell are we playing at , That whole bus thing and crazy people was a total sham , And as for the indian girl representing the children of England well I have seen it all now . What a mess , 2012 wont be a patch on this olympics.
sam, london

Well done China, well presented games, Boris came across well, showed we have a good mayor, who knows what London has to do to ensure we put on a good show, advice from those of us who are still British is dump most of the things in the 8 minutes as they are not in tune with London/British values or what people know us for, increase the use of the union flag as the useless logo looks half useful in that guise! Boris has clearly been saddled with Livingston’s leftie leftovers, dump them be bold!
[GlobalTemplar], Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
中国,干得不错!是一场精心准备的奥运会,Boris的出现也还好,显示出我们有多么优秀的一个市长啊,他知道伦敦应该做什么来显示我们可以举办好奥 与会,我们这些人的大多数根本不明白伦敦/英国价值的人的建议都在8分钟里面出现鸟,或者说让世人对我们滴像一个没用的logo一样的联邦国旗又多了点印 象。

It has been a long time that I felt embarrassed for 8 long minutes. I really hope the organizers get there act together for the 2012 Olympics in London, because whether we like it or not the Chinese did a wonderful job from beginning to end. Whether true or false, let us hope the Red Arrows will do a fly past at the opening ceremony in London because that will be something worth watching, unless of course Boris has something up his sleeve to surprise us all.
Rose, Bicester
很长一段时间内,我都为我们的8分钟感到丢脸,我真心希望那些组织者去为了我们的2012年伦敦奥运会,一起去那里(北京)看看,因为不管我们喜欢与 否,中国人从头到尾都做得非常棒。无论正确与否,让我们希望在伦敦开幕式前the Red Arrows(英国红箭飞行表演队,在BBC开幕式的评论上就有英国人提到我们不会又上红箭吧,看来英国果然只有红箭啊-_-)能够腾飞起来,只有那样, 说不定才有点看头,除非Boris又把他的手揣在兜里,来给我们所有人一个惊喜!

In the London segment in the final countdown at the end of the Bejing olypics was total rubbish. If that is the best we can do to portray ourselves, then what will the rest of the world think. As a once great country we are now behind the third world, Shame
Thomas Smith, Newcastle upon Tyne

There is one word for the “London 2012” presentation at the Beijing Olympic closing ceremony…naff !
This includes Boris Johnson who looked as though he is in need of a decent tailor. It would help if he buttoned up his jacket. He looked like a 4th form schoolboy.
The Chinese show was magnificent. Our athletes were brilliant.
Delewar, Colchester
这其中包括咱们的市长大人Boris Johnson ,他看起来需要一个体面的形象顾问,如果他把扣子扣上,看起来也不会那么囧,他看起来像一个4年级的中学生!

The closing ceremony was just fine apart from the British bit which was simply atrocious!
Why did we have some prehistoric rock guitarist and a talent show winner miming to some abysmal sound track? What has David Beckham got to do with the Olympics? Hardly portrays a young, vibrant and exciting vision of what the 2012 games might offer.
If this is an example of how good London’s Olympics is going to be, then perhaps Boris should ask the Chinese to keep the Olympic flame in Beijing.

The Beijing to London handover shows how ill equipped we are to deal with an event of this scale.
Compared to spectacular displays by the Chinese, our offering is a pathetic embarrassment.
The 2012 Party belongs on Blue Peter and was on par with an end of term school show: Scouting for Girls destroying London’s Calling; Morrisons’ theme tune by Last Choir Standing and The Feeling playing with no feeling at all.
Is this all Britain has to offer?
Helen, Liverpool
2012年的开幕式应该是以Blue Peter 为主吧,而闭幕式会以中学毕业晚会的形式来搞:调戏女孩子的声音毁坏伦敦的通讯;合唱团唱Morrisons的诗歌腔调;唯一的感觉就是没有感觉。

I see censorship and control by the state-owned media continues.
Where is the report on the BBC website of the celebrations in the Olympic borough of Waltham Forest being canceled because of yet another knife murder, this time yards away from where the choir was supposed to sing to the cheering happy crowds in Walthamstow, who instead were replaced by the police investigating a crime scene.
You couldn’t make it up. You really are a Ministry of Truth.
humble scholar, London, United Kingdom
BBC上关于Waltham Forest区庆祝奥运的评论都到哪里去了?因为另外一个持刀杀人犯就被河蟹鸟??那里的合唱团这段时间都应该在庆祝Walthamstow狂欢的人群吧?那可是被警察调查出来的犯罪情景啊。

The Chinese showed their rich heritage and history in a dignified and beautiful performance.
Us? We showed just what a farce 2012 will be.
Our country’s heritage (prior to the last government!) is one to be proud of. We have customs and a richer history than many others. So why are we showing a logo from the 70’s (I’m a designer, it’s shocking!) and a display of ageing rock, one-hit wonders, chavs and only modern London?
I’m proud to be English, but in 2012? I may be moving…
Angela, Chesterfield

Lets hope the UK can match the chinese games with same character and skill! Well its all up to Boris now and his management capabillities!! We know our athletes are capable!! Mind you he has on hell of a job to beat!!
[newtried], maidenhead, United Kingdom

Why couldn’t the BBC TV commentators just shut up when there is music on the screen? They did the same stupid thing at the opening and once again today. The TV is there for us to WATCH and when the music is on why give commentary? Also so much about history and the meaning of this and the meaning of that and the symbolism of this and that. For Heavans sake WHY did they not just shut up and let us listen to the music, to the drums and all that was happening. This was a disastrous coverage.
Hercules, London

606: “A beautifully organised Games all around, then Boris appears, jacket undone, looking like a drunk who gatecrashed the party, what an embarrassment.”

AND HERE’S BECKS! AND A WOMAN IN A RUNNING OUTFIT PLAYING A VIOLIN! Becks boots a ball into the crowd… just the one, and it doesn’t quite make the crowd… a couple of officials have a bit of a scrabble over it… and that’s that, London’s eight minutes are up… what to make of that?



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